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Privacy statement, 12 April 2017, (“Salesinteract” or “Company”) undertakes to protect the privacy of persons visiting the Company’s websites (“Visitors”), persons who sign up to purchase the Services as described below. (“Customers”). This Privacy Statement describes how Salesinteract deals with privacy issues relating to the use of the company’s websites and with regard to the applications and services offered by Salesinteract (collectively referred to as the “Services”).

1. Websites covered by this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to the handling of data from Websites that refer to this Privacy Statement:,, (together called “Salesinteract” Websites “or” Websites of the company “).

The Salesinteract websites may contain links to other websites. The way in which information is processed or the content of such other websites is covered by the privacy statements of these other websites. The Company advises you to study the privacy statements of other Websites for a good understanding of their handling of data.

2. Data that is collected

If you are interested in receiving additional information about the Services, if you wish to sign up to use the Websites or other Services, Salesinteract will ask you to provide your Company with your contact details, including your name, company name, address, telephone number and e -mail address (“Mandatory Contact Information”). When you purchase the Services, Salesinteract may ask you to provide information about your financial status and billing information to the Company, such as invoice name and address, credit card number and the number of employees within the organization that will use the Services (“Billing Data”). Optional Data and any other data you provide to Salesinteract to or via the Services are collectively called the “Data”.

When you use Company Websites, Salesinteract can also collect information by using commonly used information collection tools, such as cookies or Web beacons (“Website Navigation Data”). Website Navigation data contains standard data from your web browser (such as browser type and browser language), your IP address and the actions you perform on the Company’s Websites (such as the visited Web pages and clicked links).

3. Use of collected data

The Company uses Data on Sales Interact Customers to provide the requested services. For example, if you enter a “Contact me” Web form, the Company will use the collected data to contact you in response to your interest in the Services.

The Company may also use Data on Sales Interact Customers and Data on Sales Interact Participants for marketing purposes. For example, the Company may use the information you provide to contact you to discuss your interest in Services, or to send you information about the Company, affiliates and partners, for example, about promotions or events.

Salesinteract uses credit card data only to check the financial status and to collect the payment from future Clients and Participants.

Salesinteract uses Website Navigation Data to exploit and improve Company Websites. The Company may use Website Navigation Data on its own or in combination with the Data on Sales Interact Customers and Data on Sales Interact Participants to provide personalized information about the Company.

4. Website Navigation data

Cookies, Web beacons and IP addresses Salesinteract uses popular data collection tools such as cookies and Web beacons to collect data about visitors to the Company’s Websites (“Website Navigation Data”). This section describes the types of Website Navigation Data used on Company Websites and explains how this information can be used.

Cookies Salesinteract uses cookies to make the interactions with the Company’s Websites simple and useful. When you visit one of the Company’s Web sites, the Salesinteract servers send a cookie to your computer. It is not possible to trace your identity using cookies alone. Cookies recognize only your web browser. Unless you announce your identity to Salesinteract yourself by responding to an offer, opening an account or filling in a web form.

Salesinteract uses session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies do not last longer than one session. They disappear from your computer as soon as you close the browser or turn off the computer. Persistent cookies remain on the computer, even if you have closed the browser or turned off the computer. Please be aware that if you disable the acceptance of cookies by your web browser, you can use the Company Websites, but you can not use the Services properly.

The following section explains how Salesinteract uses different types of cookies and what options you have for managing the settings of the cookies:

Mandatory cookies

With mandatory cookies you can visit the Websites of the Company and use accompanying functionalities, such as gaining access to secure parts of the websites and using the Services of Salesinteract.

If you have chosen to disclose your identity to Salesinteract, the Company uses cookies with encrypted information in order to identify you. Every time you log in to the Services, a cookie is placed in your browser with an encrypted, unique feature that is connected to your account. With these cookies, the Company can identify you in a unique way when you are logged into the Services and can process your digital transactions and requests.

Because mandatory cookies are essential in the operation of the Company’s Websites and the Services, you can not opt out of these cookies.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how Visitors use our Website, such as which page is most visited by our Visitors and whether Visitors receive error messages about certain pages. With these cookies no information is collected with which a Visitor can be personally identified. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and anonymous. This information is only used to improve the functionality and performance of the Company’s Website.

Occasionally, Salesinteract engages third parties to track and analyze the use by and the statistical data of persons who visit the Company’s Websites. For these purposes, Salesinteract can also use Flash cookies.

Click here for information on how you can opt out of performance cookies via your browser settings.

For information on how to set privacy and storage settings for Flash cookies, click here.

Functionality cookies

With functionality cookies, the Company’s Web sites can remember data or choices that you have entered (such as your username, language or region) and offer you advanced, more focused functionality. With these cookies you can also optimize your use of the Sales Interact Services after you have logged in. These cookies can also be used to remember changes you have made to the text size, fonts and other customizable parts of the web pages.

To personalize your visit to our Websites, Salesinteract uses locally shared objects, also known as Flash cookies. This will store your preferences or the display of content based on what you view on our Websites.

Click here for information on how you can opt out of functionality cookies via your browser settings. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you unsubscribe, this may have consequences for the functioning of the Sales Interact Website you are visiting. For information on how to set privacy and storage settings for Flash cookies, click here.

Targeting and advertising cookies

Occasionally, Salesinteract engages third parties to track and analyze the use by and the statistical data of persons who visit the Company’s Websites. Salesinteract sometimes uses cookies provided by third parties to monitor the effectiveness of Business Ads. For example, these cookies remember which browsers visited the Company’s Websites. The information provided to third parties does not contain any personal information, but such information may be linked to personal information again after the Company receives it.

Salesinteract also cooperates with third-party advertising networks that collect IP addresses and other information from Web beacons (see below) on the Company’s Web sites, from e-mails and on third-party websites. Ad networks follow your Internet activities over time and on various sites or other online services by automatically collecting Website Navigation Data, using cookies, among other things. You can recognize this technology while you are active on various devices such as a PC, a notebook, a smartphone or a tablet. Third parties use this information to offer advertisements about products and services based on your interest. You may see these ads on other Web sites or mobile applications on all your devices. This process also helps us to manage and monitor the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Third parties with which the Company cooperates in order to offer certain functionalities on our Websites or to display advertisements based on your internet use, make use of Flash cookies to collect and store information. Flash cookies differ from browser cookies in the amount, type, and manner in which data is stored.

Click here and here for more information about these and other advertising networks and their opt-out instructions.

For information on how to set privacy and storage settings for Flash cookies, click here.

Web beacons Salesinteract uses Web beacons, whether or not in combination with cookies, to collect information about the use of the Company’s Websites by Customers and Visitors and about interaction with e-mails from the Company. A Web beacon is a transparent image on a Website or e-mail with which certain information on your computer, such as a cookie, can be recognized when you have visited the Webbeacon linked Website and a description of the Webbeacon linked Website. For example, Sales Interact may place Web beacons in e-mails giving the Company a notification when you click on the link in the e-mail that you refer to one of the Company’s Websites. Salesinteract uses Web beacons to exploit and improve the Company’s Web sites and communication by e-mail.

IP addresses When you visit Company Websites, the Company collects your IP addresses to track and process non-personal information. For example, Salesinteract uses IP addresses to track from which regions Customers and Visitors visit the Company’s Web sites.

Salesinteract also collects Customer IP addresses when they log in to the Services as part of the Company’s “Identity Identity” and “IP Range Restrictions” security functionalities.

Social Media Functions The Company’s website can use social media functions, such as Facebook’s “Like” button (“Social Media Functions”). These functions may collect your IP address and keep track of which page you visit on the Company’s Website. A cookie can also be placed to ensure that the function works correctly. Such a Social Media Function may offer you the option of placing information about your activities on the Company’s Website on your profile page that is offered by an external social media network. This information can then be shared with others in your network. The hosting for the Social Media Functions is provided by a third party or is part of the Website of the Company. The interactions with these functions fall under the privacy statement of the company that offers the Social Media Functions.

Do Not Track Nowadays different browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari offer the option not to follow you (Do Not Track / DNT). This option works via a DNT header that sends a signal to the websites visited by the user, containing the DNT preference setting as recorded in the user’s browser. Currently, Salesinteract is not obliged to conform to DNT signals from browsers relating to the Company’s Websites, partly because no common industry standard for DNT has been agreed by industry groups, technology companies or regulators and, furthermore, there is no consistent standard for the intention interpret the user. Salesinteract attaches great importance to privacy and conscious choices, and will continue to strive to follow the developments surrounding DNT browser technology and the implementation of a standard.

5. Public forums, referrals of acquaintances and customer testimonials

Salesinteract can make bulletin boards, blogs or chat rooms available on the Company’s Websites. Personal information you provide on such a forum may be read, collected or used by others who visit the forum and may be used to send you unsolicited messages. Salesinteract is not responsible for the personal data you place on these forums.

Customers and Visitors can use the Company’s referrral program to inform people about the Company’s Websites. When you use the referral program, the Company will ask for the name and e-mail address of your knowledge. Salesinteract will automatically send your knowledge a one-time e-mail inviting him or her to visit the Company’s website. This data is not stored by Salesinteract.

Salesinteract publishes a list of Customers and testimonials on the Company’s Website containing information such as the name and function of the Customer. Salesinteract requests permission to each Customer prior to the publication of information in such a list or in a testimony.

6. Sharing of collected data

Service Providers Salesinteract may share Information about Sales Interact Visitors, Customers and Participants with service providers contracted by the Company to enable these service providers to provide services on our behalf. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Salesinteract may also share Data about Sales Interact Visitors, Customers and Participants with the Company’s service providers to ensure the quality of the information provided and with Websites of social networks and third-party media, such as Facebook, for marketing and advertising purposes. on those Websites. Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Statement, Salesinteract will not sell, share, rent or trade data with third parties for promotional purposes of these third parties.

Business Connected to Sales Interact The Company can share Data about Sales Interact Customers with other companies in order to collaborate with them. These companies also include the affiliates of the Salesinteract corporate group. For example, it may prevent the Company from sharing data about Sales Interact Customers for customer relationship management.

Business partners Occasionally, Salesinteract can enter into a partnership with other companies to jointly offer products or services. If you purchase a jointly offered product or service from or via Salesinteract or explicitly show interest in such a product or service, the Company can share information about Salesinteract Clients collected in connection with your purchase or interest shown. Salesinteract has no control over how our business partners use the Data on Salesinteract Customers collected by us and their use of this Data will therefore be in accordance with their own privacy policy. If you do not want your Data to be shared in this way, you can choose not to purchase such a jointly offered product or service and / or not show any specific interest in it.

Salesinteract does not share Data about Salesinteract Participants with business partners unless: (1) you explicitly give permission for this.

Third Section 4 of this Privacy Statement (Website Navigation Data) explains how we or third parties collect information via cookies and web beacons, and how you can manage cookies via your web browser.

Invoicing Salesinteract works with a third party for credit card processing. This service provider does not have the right to store, store or use the Billing Data, other than for credit card processing on behalf of the Company.

Forced disclosure Salesinteract reserves the right to use or disclose information provided if required by law or if the Company reasonably believes that use or disclosure is necessary to protect the Company’s rights and / or to comply with legal proceedings , court order or court case.

7. International transfer of collected data

The company stores data mainly about Sales Interact Customers and Data about Sales Interact Participants in the United States. To facilitate the worldwide operations of Salesinteract, Salesinteract can forward such information to and access it from around the world, including other countries in which the Company has operations. This Privacy Statement also applies when Sales Interact sends Data about Sales Interact Customers or Data about Sales Interact Participants to other countries.

8. Communication preferences

Salesinteract offers Visitors, Customers and Participants who provide contact details the choice of how the Company uses the information provided. You can manage the receipt of marketing and non-transactional communications by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the Company’s marketing emails.

9. Correct and update your information

Customers can update or change their registration data by editing their user or organization data. To update a user profile, log in with your email address and password at and click on “your profile photo”. To update the information of an organization, log in with your email address and password at and select “Settings”. To update your Billing information or to have your registration details deleted, please send an e-mail to or call + 31 20 2410771. Requests for access, modification or deletion of your data will be made within 30 days. handled.

10. Customer information

Customers of Salesinteract can provide digital data or information for hosting and processing purposes (“Customer Data”). Salesinteract will not view, share, distribute, or refer to such Customer Data, except as provided in the SalesContact Main Subscription Agreement or if required by law. In accordance with the SalesConact Main Subscription Agreement, Salesinteract may only use the Customer Data for the provision of the Services, or for the prevention or handling of technical or service problems, or if required by law. Additional information about the Company’s privacy and security practices can be found here.

11. Security

Salesinteract uses robust security measures to protect Data about Sales Interact Customers and Data about Sales Interact Participants. Because the Company uses the Services to keep the Data on Sales Interact Customers and Data on Sales Interact Participants, this information is stored in the Services.

12. Mobile applications

Without limiting the generality of this Privacy Statement, in addition to the information collected through its Websites or through Salesinteract Services, Salesinteract may obtain information about applications (“Mobile Applications”) downloaded by Customers or by their authorized persons (“Users”) and install on their mobile devices (“Devices”).

13. Changes to this Privacy Statement

Salesinteract reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement. Salesinteract will notify you of material changes to this Privacy Statement via the Company’s Website at least thirty (30) business days before the changes take effect.

14. Contact us

Questions about this Privacy Statement or the handling of data on the Company’s Websites can be directed to Salesinteract Privacy by clicking here or sending a letter to Salesinteract.